Starting Over


Hello. Welcome to my new blog. Why am I starting over? For too long I’ve been too busy, had too much stuff, and set up too many expectations for myself. To help my mind I’ve been cleaning up online which has included deleting accounts, emails, and other things I don’t use.

I could’ve kept my old blog and kept going, but it feels better to just start fresh. So why make a new one? For myself. I’ve discovered over the past couple years I really like to write. I reflect so much in my head, though it seems, even if they are the same words and thoughts, saying them out loud or writing them down seems to help get to a solution or just feel better for releasing the thoughts.

Why make a blog when you could do the same with a notebook or document on the computer? People have said they like to read what I write.Also, if even one person could benefit from my thoughts and experiences, then it seems worth it to me to make it public. It could also benefit myself if others read and then expand on my thoughts. It also can be a way for others to find out what I’m doing, as it seems to change so frequently and my friends and family are all over the world. However, I’m not going to pressure myself to update on any timeline, but rather, just whenever I need to write and share.

Simple Release

What does the name mean? Release came into my head first as this is mainly a location to put writing that helps me to release thoughts from my brain. I can get ideas out into the world so they are not simply trapped in my head all the time.

Simple, because I want to have a more simplified life. I don’t want to sign myself up for too many things, waste money on extra things, hang onto stuff that only clutters my space and my mind, and be happy with what I love to do, not being afraid of quiet, peaceful time.

I used to say I could never relax. I didn’t know how to relax. But now I’m learning the importance of balancing it with doing what I love.

I want to live simply so that I can focus on God’s great plan for my life that I can enjoy to the fullest, not in between the distractions. God deserves more from me. He deserves my whole life. But all the excess pulls me away from fully trusting his will.

Be still my soul; your God will undertake to guide the future as he has the past.
Be still my soul; your God will undertake to guide the future as he has the past.

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