5 Races in 7 months. Bring It On!

Just in case you didn’t know I was crazy, I thought I’d make my insanity clear 😉

I’m in love with endurance sports. It started with running in college. Then last year in Korea I started swimming (the first I went 50m and I was out of breath) and eventually was able to swim a mile easily. Having recently heard about triathlons I figured since I also liked biking I could do one. So I went online and searched and did the Maple Grove triathlon. Of course I loved it. There is no stopping me now. Since I’m coming back to Minnesota sooner than planned I have the chance to do a few races I’ve wanted to try. So this is what my next 7 months looks like for races:

April 26th

Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri, St. Louis Park, MN: http://www.indoortri.com/

10 min swim/30 min bike/20 min treadmill

This one will be great to get me back into the swing of triathlons and into a race right away for some excitement. Ezekiel signed up also so I look forward to doing it with him!

June 7th

Trinona, Winona, MN: http://www.trinona.com/

Sprint Distance: .25 mile swim/11 mile bike/3.1 mile run

I’ve never done this race before, but it is part of the Minnesota Triathlon Series, which is a series of three races. If you sign up for all three you get a discount on registration, cool stuff, and can earn points for prizes at the end of the people who do all three events. I signed up for 2 sprint and 1 international distance instead of three of the same though so I’m not eligible for most of the series prizes, but I don’t care because I just wanted to challenge myself by doing the whole series and try one international distance race.

July 11th

Minneapolis Triathlon: http://www.mplstri.com/

International Distance: .93 mile swim/24.8 mile bike/6.2 mile run

This will be the toughest race as it is the longer distance I have not done before. I usually swim a mile when I do a swim workout and the run is no problem. It will be the bike I’m most nervous about. Also putting it all together will be tough. The swim is so much longer and will likely take me 40 or 45 minutes to complete, so I have a lot of training to do, especially on the bike (the longest I’ve ever gone is 20 miles). Hopefully I will be able to get a new bike next month that will be designed for racing and be far easier than my old bike.

August 22nd

Maple Grove Triathlon: http://www.maplegrovetriathlon.com/

Sprint Distance: .47 mile swim/11 mile bike/3.1 mile run

I did this race last year, same distance. I thought another sprint would be best because I’ll be far into my marathon training plan at the point this race comes so I don’t want to do too much before my next race, which I’m most excited for.

October 18th

Mankato Marathon: http://mankatomarathon.com/

26.2 miles!

I’ve been at this event the past two years doing the half marathon. As I have a long time to get my mileage up and I really want to do a marathon before I have kids I figured this was my year to go for it. Hopefully this year will go better than last year and I won’t trip down the stairs a week before and sprain my ankle or have to rush off to the start line, ditching my husband and a dead car in the middle of the street.


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