My Closet Update-Experiment Turned Lifestyle

7 months ago I posted about my long time struggle with having way too many clothes and always wanting to buy more because, hey sale, and oh my, it is so cute. I tried Project 333 to help improve my issues with clothes.

Project 333:

I really wished I could’ve gotten down to using only the number of clothes prescribed in the project, but thankfully, rule-breaking is allowed. Summer would’ve been the best time since not as many layers of clothes are needed like in the winter to stay warm. I felt pretty happy when I counted something like 31 hangers in the closet. Until I realized I had drawers with my pants and some folded tanks tops. Oops. So I ended with about 50 items. An improvement from feeling like I had to have every single piece of my clothing hanging up or in a drawer accessible and viewable at any time.

About the time I went through my clothes once back in America, there was a garage sale at my high school where I could donate items. After going through all of my clothes, even making sure I got out anything I could find in my storage unit, I was able to donate about 100 items plus a large number of scarves I realized I had never worn in the few years I had had them. This seems like an amazing number to most I realize, though I wish it had been higher. Still, I finally made a significant dent. A few items I tried to sell to Twice, but managed to only get $3. Better than nothing though, right? I also got rid of something like 10-15 pairs of shoes or so? A lot in storage and then a bag full more after moving.

After deciding which clothes I no longer needed anymore, I went through and decided what I would wear for the summer time. One benefit would be to have everything else packed for when I would move. You can understand why I was not insanely excited about donating only 100 items by how much was packed away after pulling out what I wanted for summer. I had two carry-on suitcases, and a three drawer dresser stuffed to the max, plus a few sweatshirts, of clothes I wouldn’t be wearing for the time being. This is a benefit to Project 333, however. No risk. You don’t HAVE to get rid of anything, just put it away and see what you truly need after three months of experimenting.

As I dressed with far fewer choices, I found it much less stressful and time consuming to get dressed. I knew everything in my closet fit and I liked it. Many things could be worn in multiple ways and I put together new combinations with my same clothes that I hadn’t done before. It was nice to actually see clothes instead of them all being squished. When I moved in July, I gained a walk-in closet. Temptation to fill up? No. I was good. Instead I took some ideas from others who have done the project who then put artwork or something of the sort in their walk-ins and put in a side table to display wedding items. I never bought a single piece of clothing during this time. There were a few thrown away from getting worn. Apparently some of my clothes were cheap material that showed once they got worn more frequently. Below is my closet with my summer items.

It is so nice to have everything spread out and easily seen for quick mornings!

Ezekiel’s clothes are on the right side, but I didn’t want those in my photo because his side is a mess 😉 I’m pretty sure he has more clothes than I do now. If not, it is certainly way more out at one time than I do. The pink and purple dresser is what I referred to earlier as being stuffed with clothes not being used. It is in the closet, but it does not get opened. It simply stores clothes for future seasons. It feels great to have an open feeling closet where I can easily see the detail of every item instead of only seeing the sleeve or having things hidden from being so squished. There have been many a rushed morning where I had no idea what I would where, but I step into the closet, look for a few seconds, and come out fully dressed in a couple minutes. So much easier than trying things on, taking off, putting on again the night before and having to plan. Though it is also easy to plan in my head the night before and wake up and grab the clothes since I can easily visualize the fewer items I have available and put them together in my brain.

School started and I realized I didn’t have many dressy clothes for work. I was too tired to get around to changing the closet after realizing this the first week, so I think it was after 3 or 4 weeks of school that I finally took a Saturday to go through everything again. I took everything out of the closet, then I took out everything from the suitcases, and finally, I took out everything from the dresser and put it all on the bed. One benefit to storing clothes for a few months was that I was so excited and anxious to wear some of these wonderful clothes I had not seen for awhile. Those items that didn’t give me that same joy could go. I ended up donating another 15 items. I put away clothes for the next summer and put away others thinking of spring. Though I had to also consider my expanding midsection coming soon as baby continues to grow. Thankfully someone has offered to borrow me some maternity clothes so hopefully I won’t have much to buy. I did buy one pair of maternity dress pants that I love, but otherwise, I still haven’t bought any clothing because it was on sale or because I thought it was cute. Yay! (though I know to stay away from tempting stores because what an inner struggle as I walked through Kohl’s when getting the maternity pants)

I think my closet has a few more items because I have a lot of sweaters. I get so cold! It probably also looks fuller with thicker materials and long sleeves. Here is my closet after being switched to my fall/winter items.

Scarves hide in the lower left corner, the open baskets hold things like socks and undergarments, and the shelf under the tops holds pants and folded tanks.

I know I will continue to do this for good after seeing so many benefits. Maybe I still have a lot to store, but my clothes will wear out eventually and I will not replace them unless it is a necessity like black pants for example. What is great is that I now have no clothes in suitcases! Of course, winter items take up more space, so who knows what will happen once summer comes around again, but for now, I have everything in the pink and purple dresser locked away for a few months. Or maybe longer since baby doesn’t come until March, so I doubt anything in that dresser will fit after Christmas. Speaking of baby, he or she is now 16 weeks and one day. Here is a picture from yesterday of my pretty much still non-existent bump. I think it is mostly whatever little fat I had on my stomach before and bloating because in the morning there is almost nothing. But no worries, I exercise and eat well and don’t fall into the ancient idea of “eating for two.” So I will be healthier in the long run and recover better after pregnancy by gaining only what is needed, not excess.

IMG_0021Haven’t felt any movement yet, though I know that can happen at any time now. I’ll have my next appointment Oct. 12th, when hopefully we will finally be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I’m feeling great overall and have pretty much the whole pregnancy thus far. Ran 5.5 miles today so I feel confident in finishing the 10k in 2 weeks. Thanks baby for being easy in the womb so I can focus on the very busy, but wonderful work at school! Maybe you will be as easy out of the womb? What a blessing. I pray God continues to keep baby safe so I can hold him or her in my arms next year.


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  1. Linda Johnson says:

    Your closet is bigger than my bathroom! I am sure you will feel baby any day now.


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