Cloth Diapers-6 Months In


We have been using cloth diapers for 6 months now. I’ll share why we like them and what we are struggling with.

The main reason we chose cloth diapers was because it is so much cheaper! Since he is our first baby, we got many diapers as gifts or used giftcards. The only money I spent on cloth diapers was to get a pack of 7 FuzziBunz, 2 extra inserts, and a wetbag from Costco for $80 (awesome price for cloth). We decided the big cost savings was worth the extra time it takes to clean the diapers.

Some other benefits include:

  • Not having to run out to the store
  • Saving on garbage waste
  • Potty train faster (hope this turns out to be true!)
  • Adjustable from ~8-35 lbs
  • Cute designs


The first few days we knew we wouldn’t do cloth because meconium is good at staining, but we actually didn’t really end up using the cloth diapers until a little over a month old because they were too big. In the future I’d probably by a couple newborn size cloth diapers because, wow, do the disposable disappear fast!

Above is the one rump-a-rooz diaper we have. It is cute, but fits poorly. I pretty much only put this on if it is just before cleaning the next load and we are at home in case of leaks. Glad I only have one!


We have 8 Charlie Banana diapers. I do not like these. The fit poorly and always leak unless I change him within a couple minutes after peeing. They do work better with the disposable inserts though so they are useful on vacation. I also don’t like the adjustable piece for the legs. Extremely difficult to pull out and adjust yet half the time they come lose and go to a bigger size after being washed.

Above is a picture of one of the FuzziBunz from Costco. These are #2 on my list of the 4 brands we have. They came with organic hemp/cotton inserts which are a lot thinner than microfiber so I put a newborn microfiber insert on top to catch the sides because there originally was a leak issue near the legs because the inserts weren’t wide enough. But they work pretty well over all. Not a fan of the buttons and elastic to adjust the size because it takes so much longer than just buttons on the outside like other brands.


My favorite by far are Bum Genius diapers. They fit well and quickly adjust with just buttons on the outside. I have all-in-ones that are best for overnight and the pocket ones are my favorite throughout the day since they are thinner and I can adjust how much to stuff inside. I think it was good to have a few brands to try, but if I could only get one, it’d be these.

When we started we lived in a townhouse with a washer and dryer, so cleaning was super easy. Now we live in an apartment with the washer and dryer just down the hall, but I’d still say it is easy. It loses the super just because I have to potentially wait until a certain time, though they are usually open, and I have to put Oliver in the stroller or carrier while I am in the laundry room.

WARNING! Gross stuff below!

The biggest struggle has been starting solids. When he only had breastmilk it was easy, but I will forever have nightmares of the first poopy diaper after solids a couple weeks ago. We bought a diaper sprayer to attach to the to the toilet, but we haven’t figured out how to hook it up yet. Hopefully that will help as we can spray the diaper off in the toilet…I’m also anxiously awaiting my Thrive order (post to come later) because I ordered some Charlie Banana liners to go on top of the cloth which can be taken off and flushed. Hopefully this will help make the mes more manageable until things are more firm. But if you know how to get a 6 month old to potty train, I’m all ears! Haha.

Okay. End grossness.

The only other downside, more noticeable since Oliver is very tall (97th percentile), is that clothes may be too short since cloth is bulkier than disposable. I ordered extenders from Etsy which work great for outfits with 3 buttons at the bottom. Other outfits just need to be a size up. It isn’t a big deal, but something to be aware of.

The few times we have used disposable, I’ve hated it. We’ve tried 5 different brands over vacations and for the little bit I work, but we’ve always had blowout problems. I’ll take a pee leak with cloth over poop blowout any day!

If you have any questions about cloth, ask away! Any tips? Please share! Thanks.


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