Renewed-Round II

2 years ago I posted “Starting Over.” I left my old blog and began a new one with no pressure and just a place to write whenever. However, saying “I’ll just write whenever” quickly turns into “once in awhile” and then to “never.” It’s good to try have a set time so things actually get completed. As I said 2 years ago, I like to write and it’s a good way to release and relax. But I need to set a time or it won’t get done, especially as life is so different from when I started 2 years ago. For now I’m shooting for once a week-Mondays (since I don’t work that day). In the beginning there will likely be more than once a week as I get things off my mind, but at least once a week minimum will keep me on top of this blog as a part of relaxing and sharing. Because I also dislike people knowing so little about me, but I don’t have much time or opportunity to share a lot with others. So click the “Follow” button so you know when I post!

This post from Joshua Becker at becoming minimalist helped push me as I debated for weeks about if I wanted to restart this:

I’ve set up categories of what I’m expecting to write about. I know many are interested in the unique things about me, so why not share? Especially if I can help even one person try something new. I consider myself to be countercultural. Here are the topics you can expect me to write about:

Athletic-How I use this amazing body God designed to have fun, stay healthy, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. I focus on endurance events such as triathlon and running.

Family-God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and son. I’ll focus on home birth, SAHM life, positive parenting, and whatever else may come up related to family.

Minimalism-Being a steward of the resources God gave by not buying excess and keeping life as simple as possible.

Musings-Where I’ll write about whatever is on my mind.

Teaching-Posts related to my vocation of teaching. So far God has given me long term opportunities working abroad in EFL, in elementary, and RTI.

Travel-Topics related to travels around the world, seeing God’s creation. Countries I’ve visited or lived in so far: Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, UK, France, Italy, Greece.

Vegan-Through much research I’ve decided this is the best way to care for my body as the Lord wants us to take care of our temples (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). I will share things I make and eat and why I chose this way.

Tell me if there are any other areas you are interested in about me.




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