Food Therapy

Last night we went out for Thai food. After a long week with a teething baby and a sick husband, I needed a night out and some good food!

I’ve been starving because I’ve been stuck with food I can grab quickly and eat with one hand as Oliver wanted constant attention. One tooth finally came through though.

Not just any place would do. I wanted to go somewhere that I’d have plenty of choices, as some restaurants I have to just get appetizers like fries or onion rings and maybe a salad minus some ingredients. I love Reuan Thai in Osseo (down the road from our first apartment after getting married) because most items you can choose veggie, tofu, or meat.

I forgot my camera, so cellphone quality it is (we stick to ancient basic phones for now). Here’s what we had:

Spring rolls: fresh and fried
Spicy Cashew; FAVE!
Tom Kah Kai

I know food isn’t the best thing to turn to when its been a rough week, but every once in awhile won’t hurt. We had some left in our eating out budget for the month anyway. Here’s to starting a new week tomorrow with worshiping God! Nothing better.


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  1. Karen says:

    Looks good!


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