Missing the Mountains

I miss hiking up mountains. It is such a calming experience. There is so much beauty to see. There is a great power and wonder felt to be climbing hundreds or thousands of meters above the city.


I lived in South Korea for almost a year in 2014 and 2015. A country which is 70% mountainous with the millions of citizens living everywhere else. It was fun being able to jump on the subway Saturday morning, get off a couple stops later, and be at a mountain to hike.


Some may not love the busyness of some mountains in Seoul. Hiking is one of the top pastimes in South Korea. I didn’t mind. It meant I wouldn’t get lost! Though there are plenty of mountains one could find in the country that are quiet. Near the end of my time there in 2014 I went to a mountain on the far western side of Seoul which had few people. I didn’t really run into many at all until at the top.


Here are some mountain pictures to look at; just a few of the many I have. Memories for me, fun for you. There are no mountains in Minnesota, but hopefully someday I can visit some in the United States and enjoy some hiking once again.

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