At Peace with My Closet

I’ve had a couple big purges of my closet in the past few years (Taking Control of My Clothes and My Closet Update-Experiment Turned Lifestyle), but I have still felt stressed with every season change as I’ve had a three-drawer dresser stuffed with the clothes that were out of season. The dresser is a plastic one, so I also feel silly being an adult with cheap plastic drawers I’ve had forever.


The before.


I’ve always felt like I needed fewer clothes yet, but I liked what I had so I kept saying I’ll just keep these and not have to buy any clothes until all these wear out. But I’ve noticed now there are some items that almost never were worn or didn’t get worn at all or even taken out of the dresser in the appropriate season. A few were because they were not nursing friendly, but a lot keep getting put back away.

I had to push myself beyond just “Do I love how it looks?” and ask a few more questions:

  • Does it fit well?
  • Is it comfortable to move around and sit down in?
  • Can I use this item to pair with multiple other pieces?
  • Do I have something similar?

I like dresses that have a band just below the bust, but that second question helped me let go of some cut things because I’d sit down and the band would be uncomfortable. So unless I planned to stand all day, why deal with something uncomfortable?

Here is what I have and what I was able to eliminate (what I have on the left, what was donated on the right):

  • 8 dresses-5 donated
  • 3 leggings-1
  • 5 pants-1
  • 3 tights-11
  • 8 scarves-2
  • 6 belts-0
  • 9 tanks-3
  • 23 shirts-15
  • 6 skirts-1
  • 12 sweaters-0

I’ve never counted by category. It is interesting to look at. I always have known shirts were my biggest downfall when I bought a lot of clothes. I also have a lot of sweaters, but I also get cold very easily so I keep some sweaters in my closet even in summer. Not all of the clothes above are in my closet. My goal was to get rid of the dresser and store out of season clothes in a small pink cube/footstool I have and I was successful! For example, I have 9 tank tops, but only 3 are out right now because they are nursing ones. The others will hide away until I’m done nursing. Same with some dresses and shirts. Also stored are summer and spring clothes while my closet is filled with nice, warm winter gear.

dscn5292This is my closet now. Far different from my last post as in our new, smaller place, I do not have a walk in closet. Which also motivated me to get rid of the dresser since the only place it fits is in the walking path of the tiny bedroom. Behind the other door and the clear drawer are all my husband’s clothes. Under the hat are clothes I’m saving for a trip, then will get rid of after.


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