Marathon Training Week 1!


dscn6122Week 1 of 16 of training for my first marathon is complete. In 2015 I was halfway through my plan when I was surprised by Oliver’s coming so I ran a 10k instead. This time I’m signed up for Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this June.

The week didn’t go exactly as planned, but I completed all but 1 run mile. I had to end one run early by a mile in order to get to work on time. I also did not do any cross training I planned due to a crazy schedule and sudden changes, but this week they were only options. Only being the first week means I have room to get better! But I ended on a high note with a fantastic long run (though I had to move it from Saturday to Sunday because of a sick husband; he’s better now and the babe is sick instead 😦 )

Check these splits out:

Total time and distance-10.06 miles, 1 hour and 54 minutes, 11:23 avg pace

  • Mile 1-12:11
  • Mile 2-12:18
  • Mile 3-11:47
  • Mile 4-12:19
  • Mile 5-11:58
  • Mile 6-11:16
  • Mile 7-10:55
  • Mile 8-10:33
  • Mile 9-10:29
  • Mile 10-10:15

The nice weather tempted me to want to go fast, but I kept reminding myself to keep the first half slow so I’d have energy for the second half. It paid off well and I really sped up the second half. Even while running into the wind, especially mile 9, I was surprised I still kept gaining. It was great to get outside because treadmills are so boring. Thank goodness the ones at my new gym have televisions so there is something to distract me! Anyway, it was great to start my first week’s long run off with a bang! I can’t imagine going up to 20 miles, but it will be a slow build up so I’ll somehow slowly get used to it.

This was how my week ended up:

  • Sunday-3 miles + strength
  • Monday-rest (I was going to swim, but it fell through)
  • Tuesday-6 miles + flexibility (rocked this day too! surprised myself by getting in this many miles before work)
  • Wednesday-rest day!
  • Thursday-3 miles (scheduled for 4, but was running late!)
  • Friday-rest (I wanted to bike at the gym, but Ezekiel had to go to New Ulm)
  • Saturday-2.75 miles
  • Sunday-10.06 miles (I added an extra Sunday in here since this run goes with this week)

I’ll try to keep up with a weekly run update to keep me motivated an track my progress toward my first marathon!

To wrap up, here is a funny picture of Oliver and I post-run today. I was doing this relaxing move, but he thought, hey, I want some milk! Which is what he always seems to be thinking the past 2 weeks, just when I thought he seemed like he was rarely eating during the day, now he’s obsessed again.



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