Marathon Training Week 2

Another week, another bunch of miles and cross training logged. I don’t really have any pictures so I’ll put pictures I’ve saved on Pinterest instead. Luckily this week I didn’t have trouble getting everything I planned completed. Here is was my week looked like:

  • Monday: 40 lap swim
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 6 mi, core
  • Thursday: 30 min bike
  • Friday: 4 mi, flexibility
  • Saturday: 10 mi, core

There is no Sunday since I had to switch things around and did my last week’s long run then. What I would’ve typically done on Sunday I did Saturday instead. Tomorrow I am going to try doing my 3 mi run and my swim on the same day so that I can get an extra rest day and see if I like that better. My long run was great. I started at 5.0 mph on the treadmill and went up by 0.1 every mile, so I ended up finishing 8 minutes faster than last week with the same mileage. Now I’m pretty sore though. Here’s to another week!

b3058ec5544ab52fd048815fe4de8b99Thanks to my supportive husband who always lets me (and sometimes forces me when I feel lazy) work out and makes sure I’m well fed.


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