1 Year Old


Today was Oliver’s 1st birthday. One year ago I awoke in the early morning to what I thought were just some cramps and 10 hours later I was holding my baby in my arms.


Moments after he was born.

My life is completely changed, but I love having my son to play with and cuddle every day. Each day has moments that are difficult, but many more that are filled with joy and amazement. It’s been a huge blessing to only work 6 hours a week and spend the rest of my time watching Oliver learn and grow. God always has the perfect plan.


Here is a snapshot of Oliver at one year old:


  • He weighs 24 lbs.
  • He can walk a few steps by himself, but crawling is preferred since he can move faster.
  • His favorite book is “Little Blue Truck.” I love how he knows how to hold a book correctly already, turns the pages by himself, and hands me books to read.
Yes, I’ll read this to you again, even though I just did 10 times. How can I say no?
  • He can be shy at first, wanting to cling to mom while observing everything, but then he will open up and be happy in pretty much any situation and with anyone he gets to know. He is very persistent but gets frustrated sometimes when things don’t work how he wants (like getting his socks off). He is fairly predictable, with a regular time of falling asleep, naps, waking up, and so on. He is extremely active and can be difficult to keep up with.
  • His favorite food would definitely still be breastmilk right now. He has it multiple times a night and asks all day by tugging on my shirt. As for solid food, he loves anything he can pick up himself. He really enjoys peas. I’m lucky right now as he will try any food and has yet to refuse to eat anything.
  • His favorite toy is this stacking/nesting cup set and ball. He can throw and chase the ball around for half an hour and be happy. He loves to knock over the cups if I stack them, he throws them, he puts them on his face, and all kinds of other stuff.

I love just watching him play and discover. I wish I could just watch him all day, but unfortunately I have to keep the house clean, eat, work out, etc.

I love you my sweet Oliver and pray the Lord blesses us with many more years of grace on this earth with you.


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