A Facebook Fast



During Lent, some people fast. They may do a complete fasting for certain time or may fast from a certain food, or decide to go without some other item or activity. I’ve never done it before, nor is it necessary, but when done for the purpose of bringing you closer to God, it can be a great thing to do during the 40 days leading up to Easter.

I decided that I would do a Facebook fast. However, not only would I not go on Facebook, I wanted to replace that time gained. I have been doing at least a daily devotion every day (thank you WELS for posting daily devotions; scroll down and look to the right column). I’ve also tried to find times to read from my Bible more often, whether on my iPad or the one by my bed.

I chose Facebook to be axed for this time because it was such a distraction. I would just open it all the time, mindlessly, scrolling sometimes for no good reason. Sometimes it felt like I wanted to get some satisfaction from it. From what? Reading something cool? I’m not sure. I love to hear about friends and family on Facebook, but I was taking too much of my “free time” to look at what everyone else is doing and not take care of myself. Now I’m rarely on the computer and iPad and don’t feel a need to drag it to every room.

I’ve not taken devices on trips and vacations before, but always seem to go back into my old habit. Hopefully 40 days away will be long enough to change a habit since it is replaced with a new one. Once Easter comes, I will decide on what I will do to keep my Facebook scrolling to a minimum so it is meaningful, not mindless.

I’m considering:

  1. Setting a certain time each day I go on. This could then be something to look forward to and couldn’t consume too much time as I would set the when and how long. Though I’m not sure if this might slowly lead back into what I was doing since I’d go on daily. It is so easy to say, “Just one more minute.”
  2. Use only on weekends. This would keep the use minimal and only when both Ezekiel and I are home so it’s not like I’m anxiously waiting for Oliver to nap so I can go on my iPad or wasting my mornings looking.
  3. Go on sometime near the end of the day if and when other things are completed. This could be a good option as everything else will be finished, so this isn’t a need every day and isn’t getting in the way of other things. Really busy days I may not go on at all, so I can’t use it as a way to escape from my tasks.

I’m debating between two and three the most, but luckily I still have a couple weeks to think about it. I’m so thankful we have this time of Lent to evaluate where we are in our faith and have opportunity to improve. It is never too late to start, so if there is something you want to change, give it a try! Share with me and I’ll be happy to hold you accountable.

P.S. If you are directed here through Facebook and have been for other recent posts, I’ve not been on, but this site automatically posts to Facebook for me. You get updates, but I don’t have to break my fast and go on!


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