Marathon Plans Foiled Again!


Sorry for not posting in a couple months! I kept meaning to update, but life got busy with the school year ending, finding a place to live, and packing.

Grandma’s marathon is this weekend, but I won’t be there. About 2 months ago I somehow injured my back and it progressively became worse and worse. I tried resting and sticking to swimming for a couple weeks, but it still didn’t improve so I was doing physical therapy for a month. It is finally better and I’ve been back to running for the past week, but of course, only getting to 13 miles before having to stop means I am in no shape to do a marathon. I also broke my pinky toe so that doesn’t help. It hasn’t bothered me much with running, but I can imagine a long run it could cause some trouble or being on uneven ground outdoors as well as hills. But flat on the treadmill I am fine.

I never seem to get past 14 miles in my training. As of the moment I don’t know if I will try another marathon this year or not. There are many in Wisconsin, even one on my birthday weekend, but I will get moved and see how July goes before deciding.

I do have a triathlon I’m signed up for next month though so that will be fun. It is an Olympic distance and I really need to get on my bike more to be ready to do 25 miles! I’m going to another group cycle class tomorrow morning at 5am! Bright and early, so I can go before Ezekiel goes to work.


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