My Classroom-The Before


I was finally able to get the keys to my classroom today! I had a small issue getting in the building at first, setting off the alarm, but the secretary came to my rescue and now I know how to turn the alarm off and on.

It is overwhelming to walk into a new classroom in a new school at a new grade level. I mostly wandered around not quite sure what was the best first thing to do. I looked around to see what I had, which was a lot! It is a blessing that the previous teacher said she would leave me everything since I have next to nothing. But it is also hard to figure out what to do with all this stuff since I know I won’t need or use all of it.

How to make the room mine and not just a copy of the previous teacher’s will be interesting, considering all the leftover stuff, but down on the list at this point in the summer. For now I will focus on writing procedures, a discipline plan, prepare home visit materials, plan out the first week, and write out objectives. As much as I’d love to move things around and design my space, I have other things to do first! But once I get to making this classroom home I will definitely take more pictures and share the after.

Enjoy the first view of my room! This is how I found it today.


The building is neat to check out, having been built in the 1800s. No elevators!
Keep going up to get to my room. I’m going to have really strong legs!
At the top! What a cool Noah’s Ark. My door is on the left.


It will take awhile to go through everything and see what I have, what I need, and what I don’t.


I love all the space and the big windows!
There is a sink hiding back there.
Hello! I have my own room! Wow! I’m a 1st grade teacher! College me would be shocked.
Oliver found his favorite thing.



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